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Grant application guidelines

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How to present an application

We are not necessarily looking for glossy professional bids and understand that your application to us will vary according to the size of organisation you are, and the size of the proposed project. It can be a professionally prepared presentation pack, but can equally be a short letter with supporting information. Both will receive equal consideration.

Whatever the presentation, the following lists the areas that must be covered. Failure to do so will affect your chances of success:

  1. Organisation overview. This paragraph/section must include a short background to the charity and a summary of activities. Please include relevant information on your clients/beneficiaries (this might include numbers helped, geographic location, age group etc) and numbers of employees and volunteers. Please give us this information every time you apply.
  2. Project description. Tell us what you want a grant for/towards. Explain why it is necessary, what you hope to achieve, who will benefit and how.
  3. Costs. Tell us the total cost of your project and give us a breakdown including at least the main items of expenditure. Tell us how you intend to fund it, and how much you have raised so far. If the project is part of a larger one, please explain the wider context.
  4. Contingency plan. Explain what you intend to do if you fail to raise all the funds you need.
  5. A timetable. Tell us your timescale for raising funds and when you aim to have the project up and running.
  6. Annual accounts. Your latest audited accounts and Annual Review (if you have one) must be included.
  7. Other information. Please include any other information which you feel will assist us in judging your application. This could include for example a copy of your newsletter, or short promotional/advertising leaflets. Such publications often help give a flavour of an organisation.

If you wish to discuss your application, or have other queries, please contact the Grants Administrator, Christine Dix, either by email or by telephone on 020 8941 0450. Please note if you telephone that the office is open part-time and you may need to leave a message.