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Learning disabilities

The Trust awards grants to UK registered or exempt charities whose work fulfils the criterion:

Long-term care of people with learning disabilities either in a residential care or supported living environment in a way that provides a family environment and a wide choice of activities and lifestyle or by providing long-term day/employment activities.

The Trust welcomes applications but receives far more than it can afford to support. In a typical year we are able to respond positively to around 1 in 3 applications. Around 16 charities are supported each year with grants varying from 3,000 to around 30,000.

Charities which exist primarily to provide residential care are looked at most favourably, but the Trustees are happy to consider charities which provide other services for people with learning disability, provided that those services are long term for the individuals concerned. The Trust does not support charities that provide shorter-term services such as schools, colleges, or training organisations, and neither do they support those that work in the field of mental illness.

The Trustees are unlikely to respond positively to requests for running costs of organisations unless there are exceptional reasons, preferring instead to support new or capital projects. The Trust supports charities of all sizes. Examples of recent successful applications are below.

17,500 was awarded to a charity to fund the upgrade of bathroom facilities in a residential property where residents are ageing and their needs increasing.

A large national charity with many residential care homes and supported living schemes was awarded 15,500 to fund the purchase of equipment for a sensory room at one of their lifelong learning centres.

A local charity was awarded 10,000 towards the cost of constructing a garden room and equipment store at one of their residential care homes.

A local charity was awarded 25,000 towards the purchase of their third residential care home for multi-disabled young adults.

A small local charity which provides long term care in terms of lifelong supported living schemes and long-term day care activities was awarded 12,000 to fund the cost of employing a part-time administrator.

If you wish to discuss a particular project before submitting an application, please email or telephone the Grants Administrator.

Applications should be submitted from November and by 31 January at the latest.

Please try and get your application to us before the final deadline, as large numbers received on 31 January may mean that these applications do not get our fullest attention.