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Our 2021/2022 grants programme

Until further notice, applications can now be made to either of two funding streams:

Project funding Charities which are within our eligibility criteria may apply for project funding as in previous years, but with significant changes mainly to the timing of applications. You must read the guidance for all applicants.

Covid recovery, core/ongoing costs Charities which are within our eligibility criteria may apply for core funding/ongoing costs but must demonstrate a clear need for unrestricted rather than project funding. This need might be related to the pandemic because we understand that incomes streams will be affected for some time and reserves will have been substantially depleted. As before, we will also accept applications from charities which can demonstrate they are not in a position to present new projects or programmes for funding and can convince us that their circumstances warrant an unrestricted grant. You must read both the guidance for all applicants and the additional guidance for those applying under this programme.

Please note that the WCT grants office is staffed on occasion during the working week, but staff also continue to work remotely and should be contacted by emailing We are happy to receive queries about potential applications.

For all applicants

We are making changes to the way we operate, on an experimental basis. For the time being we must ask you please to read all the relevant pages on the remainder of our website, but note the following changes:

  • there will be a rolling programme of grants, with applications in all three fields considered at meetings which will be held at least three times a year;
  • there are no fixed deadlines, so applications may be made at any time (with consequential changes to the timing of notifications and to the reporting requirements);
  • incomplete applications will not be considered, so please do not apply before you have all the necessary information;
  • please apply by email to If you are including large documents such as brochures and/or lengthy annual accounts please post these to us (and flag this in the application). You can also submit the complete application in writing to the address given in the ‘How to Apply’ section of the website

Note: if we receive a very large volume of applications, we may have temporary closed periods which will be posted on this site, so please check immediately before applying.


Additional guidance for those applying
for core funding/ongoing costs

If you are applying under this programme we will need additional information about your financial position.

Grants under this programme are unlikely to exceed 10,000 so we will prioritise smaller charities whose annual turnover is such that they are most likely to benefit from an award.

Charities with healthy unrestricted funds are unlikely to be successful under this programme but, circumstances are different for all charities so please do email or call us for advice if you feel an application is still warranted.

When you are applying under this programme we need a clear understanding of the charity’s financial situation so please ensure you include:

  • latest audited accounts;
  • draft accounts for last complete financial year (if applicable and available);
  • budget summary for the current year; and
  • clear details of free and designated (non-fixed asset) reserves and an explanation of your reserves policy. The more adequate your reserves may appear, the fuller the explanation should be as you will need a convincing case to persuade us of your need.