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The Will Charitable Trust grants office is currently closed and will remain so until government advice changes, but we are working remotely and contactable by email. With the Covid-19 outbreak affecting us all across the UK, the Trustees have decided to suspend all our normal grant programmes. Instead, for the foreseeable future, funding decisions will be taken with a view to helping charities we have previously supported, with their response to, and/or the difficulties caused by the current crisis.

Current grantees

Charities holding unspent (in whole or part) grants for projects or programmes which are now on hold or cancelled must contact us. We wish to support our grantees and reasonable requests for a reallocation or derestriction of funds are likely to be granted, but permission must be sought and given before the funds are used elsewhere.

Requests for emergency funding

Charities we have previously supported which face difficulties because of the outbreak and need urgent financial support are invited to contact us. The Trust will consider helping charities who demonstrate an urgent need for emergency funds with grants of normally up to 10,000.

To apply

Charities fulfilling the above criteria should email: copied to

All charities are different and applications will vary accordingly, but generally we need answers to the following questions so please do ensure they are covered in your application.

Effect on service delivery/working patterns

1. Explain how the current crisis has changed your work patterns and delivery of services. Have some services had to close? How are the changed arrangements affecting your beneficiaries?

Effect on staff and volunteers

2. How many staff are furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme? In what other ways are staff affected (for instance, reduced hours, changed duties, redundancy, cancelled leave etc)?

Financial Information

3. Tell us as clearly as possible how this crisis is affecting your income and expenditure and financial reserves. Include a revised budget summary if you have one. If your latest accounts are not on the Charity Commission website please send draft figures (on a confidential basis) to support your case.

Please include details of any government grants and/or other government-supported relief you are claiming under the current crisis arrangements.

Purpose of grant

4. State if you would like a contribution towards a particular aspect of your work or if you prefer a contribution towards general funds – if the latter, then please say so; we are currently awarding unrestricted grants for core funding.

The above is not a comprehensive list and please include any other information you feel will support your case. Please also remember to include contact details.