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How to apply

  1. Check that you are eligible

    Please read our grants policy, including the detailed guidance for the relevant field of activity. We welcome applications from those working in these fields, but please apply only if you are satisfied that your charity and the work you are asking us to support are eligible for a grant.
  2. Apply in writing

    We are sorry, but we cannot accept emailed applications. Please apply in writing to:

    • The Grants Administrator
      The Will Charitable Trust
      Bridge House
      11 Creek Road
      KT8 9BE
    There is no application form, but please read our guidance How to present an application and make sure you include all the information we request. Failure to do so may mean we are unable to assess your application properly, which will affect your chances of success.
  3. Deadlines

    Blind people and Learning disabilities
    • Applications should be submitted from November and by 31 JANUARY at the latest.
      Decisions are made in the following April and successful applicants will be notified by the end of the month.
    Cancer care
    • Applications should be submitted from June and by 31 AUGUST at the latest.
      Decisions are made in the following November and successful applicants will be notified by the end of the month.
    PLEASE NOTE  Do not wait until the final deadlines to submit applications – large numbers of applications received at the last minute mean we have less time to give them our fullest consideration, which may affect your chances of success.
  4. Further queries

    If you have read all the guidance, but are still unsure about anything, try our FAQs, and for further help, or to discuss your application, telephone or email the grants administrator.
  5. Acknowledgment

    Your application will normally be acknowledged within 3 weeks. Successful applicants will be notified before 30 April or 30 November as applicable (see deadlines above). If you have not heard by those dates, you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. We are sorry that due to the volume of applications we are unable to notify unsuccessful applicants individually.
  6. Reporting requirements

    We ask charities to whom we have awarded grants to submit a short update on their project by the application deadline the following year, i.e.

    31 January in fields of care of blind people and care of people with learning disabilities, and

    31 August for cancer care grants. No further updates are required unless specifically requested.

    Please note that although the requirement to update us is not a formal grant condition, failure to do so will be taken into account when we consider future applications.