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Frequently-asked questions

Q: Although we are not yet registered as a charity, we are a non-profit making body doing charitable work; may we apply?

A: No. Only UK registered charities or those properly exempt qualify for grants.

Q: Can community interest groups apply?

A: No.

Q: I am an individual who is raising money for a charity that fits your guidelines; may I apply?

A: No.

Q: We have several projects and are unsure which will stand the best chance of success; may I apply for more than one?

A: Yes, you can apply for more than one project, but you should telephone or email the grants administrator for advice before doing so.

Q: We are a charity that struggles to raise running costs and cannot therefore submit a separate project for funding; are we barred from applying?

A: You should contact the grants administrator for advice before submitting an application. Although the Trustees prefer to fund individual projects, they may fund core (or on-going running) costs if there are exceptional reasons to do so.

Q: How much should I apply for?

A: Grants vary in size and depend on a number of factors including the total funding requirement, charity size, purpose, and the amount that we have available for distribution. It is generally advisable to tell us what the project will cost, how much is raised so far, and potential for other funding, and the Trustees will then reach their own conclusions and award an amount they consider appropriate.

Q: Are grants payable over a period of time, say for 2 to 3 years?

A: Grants are usually one-off payments and we rarely commit to future funding. However, we are happy to receive separate applications on successive years even if for the same project (where for example a large capital appeal is running for some time).

Q. We received a grant last year; may we apply again?

A. Yes, you may apply every year irrespective of whether you are successful or not.

Q: Can I email my application?

A: We do not accept emailed applications.

Q: We have missed the deadline, can we apply late?

A: We do not normally consider late applications. If there are exceptional circumstances, you should telephone the grants administrator for advice.

Q: Can we apply early?

A: If you apply too early (see deadlines), you are likely to be asked to reapply at the relevant time, or asked to update nearer the deadline if your appeal is large and likely to be running for some time.

Q: Will you want a report after a grant has been paid?

A: We ask applicants to submit a short update on projects to which we have contributed by the application deadline the following year, i.e. the following:

31 January in the field of care of the blind and people with a learning disability and 31 August in the field of cancer care.

Failure to update us is taken into account when considering future applications.

Q: Can we publicise your involvement if we receive a grant?

A: No, we do not like any publicity. This is not however a secrecy provision and you may tell anyone who needs to know including other potential funders, or other charities who may wish to approach us. But please do not name us in your advertising literature or, for instance, your annual review.