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How to apply

  1. Check that you are eligible

    Please read Are you eligible?, including the detailed guidance for your field of activity. We welcome applications from those working in these fields, but please apply only if you are satisfied that your charity and the work you are asking us to support are eligible for a grant.
  2. Apply by email or in writing

    You must follow the guidelines in the What we need section for each field and must in particular include all the information specified as failure to do so means that we will not process your request. Please do not apply until you have all the necessary information.

    Please apply by email to If you are including large documents such as brochures and/or lengthy annual accounts please post these to us (and flag this in the application).

    You can also submit the complete application in writing to

    • The Grants Office
      The Will Charitable Trust
      Bridge House
      11 Creek Road
      KT8 9BE

    Note: if we receive a very large volume of applications, we may have temporary closed periods which will be posted on this site, so please check immediately before applying.

  3. Timetable

    There are no fixed deadlines. We have a rolling programme of grant giving, with applications in all three fields considered at every meeting; your application can accordingly be submitted at any time once you are able to give us all the required information. We have at least three meetings a year.

  4. Further queries

    If you have read all the guidance, but are still unsure about anything, try our FAQs, and for further help, or to discuss your application, telephone or email the Grants Office. It is only manned part time, so email is sometimes quicker.
  5. Acknowledgment of application

    Your application will normally be acknowledged within 2 weeks and that acknowledgement will tell you approximately when your application is likely to be considered by the Trustees. Successful applicants will be notified normally within a week of the application being considered. If you have not heard within that time frame, you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. We are sorry that due to the volume of applications we are unable to notify unsuccessful applicants individually.
  6. Grant conditions

    Details of any conditions applicable to grants are included with the formal grant notification.
  7. Reporting requirements

    Generally we ask charities which have received grants to submit a short update on their project by a date specified in the grant notification, which will be 10–12 months after the grant is made. If we require further updates we will ask for them.

  8. Publicity

    We do not like publicity, so if you receive a grant from us we do not want to be acknowledged in any publications or on your website. This is not a secrecy provision and there is no objection to your revealing our identity to others who wish to know.